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Empty fields everywhere--why movement is so important to horses

By Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.

Driving through Kentucky recently, I passed breathtaking farms—acres and acres of meticulously manicured pastures, lined with white Kentucky-style four board fences that seemed to travel for miles. What struck me, however, was their barrenness.

Where are all the horses?

Placed high on mounds in the distance were spectacular barns—horse “hotels” where horses reside—some just during the day, some for the majority of the time.


75 wild horses die in western Kansas corral

SCOTT CITY, Kan. (AP)—The owners of a corral in Scott County where 75 wild horses died in mid-August defended their work with the animals.

A preliminary investigation by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management attributed the deaths of mostly older horses to stress after being moved from their original pastures. BLM spokesman Paul McGuire says some of the horses at the corral, managed by Beef Belt LLC, also might have been affected by changes in their food.

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